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Slow shipping. Terrible customer service.

Used shoes? I ordered two pairs of ankle boots (same boots, different color) from my local store on 1/14/18 and was told I should receive in about a week. I reached out to the company by email on 1/22/18 as had not received any shipping notification. They said due to annual inventory and inclement letter my order was delayed (no other info./details as to when I might expect my order).

Not helpful, so I called my local store to see if they could get more info and they were able to get my order expedited and shipped later that week. My order was received on 1/26/18. One of the pairs of boots was pristine and well packaged, the second pair looked like it had been worn for 29 days and returned on day 30. There was no inner packaging and the boots had very stretched out/broken in ankles.

I have small ankles, so that was an issue. Also, the boots have built in orthotics, and so I didn’t want a pair of boots with broken in orthotics, molded to someone else’s foot. I immediately called to complain, and they sent me out a return shipping label, which was nice. They said I would either have to wait until the shoes were received back to exchange for another pair, or place a new order.

I decided to place a new order as I didn’t want to wait weeks again for my order. I placed a new order that same day and then emailed CSR RIGHT after to ask them to PLEASE check the shoes before sending out to make sure they were BRAND NEW, noting my problem with the returned pair. They said they would put a note on my account. I received the second pair on 2/2/18.

AGAIN, they were just thrown in the box. NO packaging. Stretched out ankles. And TWO small PEBBLES in the soles...

I immediately emailed them to complain and never heard back. I ended up DRIVING to the store and returning them in person, so I could get my credit. I give up Walking Company. I really, really wanted these boots, but I wanted a brand NEW pair, not a used pair.

There is no way I am going to order these boots a third time, because they will probably just keep resending me the same used pair. I have to say I am/was surprised.

I thought this company was a reputable company. I am anticipating that the return and credit of the first pair is NOT going to go smoothly, but hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised…..I tried to track my shipping from the label they provided, but it’s “untrackable”.

Product or Service Mentioned: Boots.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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