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A few years ago, I bought a pair of shoes from The Walking Company that I wear only occasionally, mostly for dress occasions. Recently I was giving a formal presentation to about 50 people, and as I stepped from one side of the slide show to point something out, the sole of my shoe ripped completely away--it just stayed where it was while my foot went forward. Needless to say, it was an embarrassing incident.

When I contacted The Walking Company, I was informed that because the shoes were several years old, they would not repair them or otherwise make good on their name. For the record, I have owned a couple of pairs of Bally shoes for over 30 years, and I have had them re-soled and re-heeled several times. In the case of the Walking Company's shoes, the glue was clearly defective, yet they have expressed no readiness to admit this nor to make good on my purchase.

Is it just me, or has the American consumer just totally capitulated to lousy quality from China, which stockholders in The Walking Company are perfectly happy to push along to all of us, since we now have so few alternatives?

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Colleyville, Texas, United States #933987

You own shoes for years, how is whatever company responsible. Just because one company will do something, does not mean another will or should.

If this attitude on here is what you had when speaking with them, I would of been glad to walk away without a glob of spit in your face, which you really deserve. 3-4 years and haven't saved enough money for a new pair of shoes...pathetic.

to Anonymous Haiku, Hawaii, United States #934216

For heaven's sake, how much are they paying you guys to make these posts!? Surely you can find a better way to make money.

Maybe you could think about the environment, too.

The U.S. should not become a throw-away society.


When you have shoes for that long many things can contribute the distruction of those shoes. If they sit on the floor in you closet they can very easily sucom to moister.

If they sit in the top of your closet that constant warm temperature can cause dry rot. You should never own any shoe "several years".

to Anonymous Haiku, Hawaii, United States #932493

Your writing skills make me doubt your reading skills, so please re-read my post. The shoes I have that are made by Bally are three decades old.

I have had heels and soles replaced several times.

I realize you need money and that The Walking Company is probably paying you a pittance to do this work, but your comments won't be believable by many people. Indirectly, you are contributing to a degradation of consumer products for the American consumer and to the profits made by those who invest in companies interested in quick turnaround and low quality products.


Your shoes were several years old! What do you expect?

But a new pair and move on. Shoes don't last forever .

to Anonymous #892556

Oh, I'm sorry that your life conditions are so lousy that you have to stoop to trolling for dollars for the Walking Company. I hope it gets better and you can find a reputable job.

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